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CHIPMUNK STEW by Beth Weiner Woldin



Pub Date: June 1st, 1980
Publisher: Warne

An old-time comedy skit with animal characters. Chipmunk brothers Claudius and Ashley Whitebeam, bent on opening a restaurant, have everything ready when they realize that ""we have no chef!"" Meanwhile master chef Pierre Le Chippe (as in ""sheep""--though he's a chipmunk too, and not even sheepish) is compiling a cookbook of his recipes preparatory to opening a restaurant of his own. The brothers try to hire him and, upon his ""C'est impossible!,"" contrive to steal his cookbook; but he's wise to them, and substitutes recipes sure to displease. When the brothers' first customers gag, Pierre gleefully admits his deception; and they in turn, make him an offer he can't refuse--the restaurant will be called Chez Pierre. What's in a name is hardly enough to reward kids for sitting through this fancied-up foolishness (even assuming a parent around to put ""Chez"" into plain English).