TRAFFIC: A Book of Opposites by Betsy Maestro

TRAFFIC: A Book of Opposites

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This is about as minimal and mundane as the Maestros' last word-concept book, Harriet Reads Signs and More Signs (p. 568); and it reuses, to different purpose, many of the same word-concepts. A little car goes over a bridge and under a bridge, takes a left turn and a right turn, stops at a red light and goes at a green light, etc., etc. True, a child might quickly catch onto the pattern and anticipate what's coming: any child who didn't would in fact be pretty slow. But opposites of this kind are so common in dally life that they hardly need to be spelled out; and the flat, bright pictures are as devoid of additional interest, on the whole, as the text.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1981
Publisher: Crown