OF UNCLES AND AUNTS by Bettina- Illus.


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Here is an attempt to exploit the child's well-known curiosity about the stories behind old photographs. The tone is persistently precious; the selection of words saccharine e.g. ""'I don't know. Tell me! You should say: 'Please tell me!' Please tell me!' 'This, my darling, is you!'"" With these words, Bettina concludes her chat with a niece or nephew about some faded old pictures. After narrating a uaint episode about each, Bettina has turned lovingly to the child. It is unfortunate that actual old photographs were not used; the attempts to imitate them are watery and lack the stiff dignity that characterizes old album pictures. Each photograph is followed on the facing page by a colored illustration of the episode described; these are not successful either.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1964
Publisher: Norton