PARTNERS by Betty Baker


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The partners in these three small tales are Badger and Coyote, familiar figures of Southwest Indian lore though Baker doesn't so place them here. The first story just establishes the types, with Badger on a tall ladder carefully placing stars in the sky (it seems that all the animals are helping to create the world) and Coyote merely tossing them up in a jumble so he can finish and go to the dance. The second story, ""Farming,"" makes Badger the hero of the old story (there are picture-book versions by Domanska and Berson) about dividing the harvest: the first time, Badger does all the work and takes what's underground (as the crop is potatoes, he wins), and the second time he does all the work and takes what's on top (melons). The third story, ""Hunting,"" has the two of them digging out and eating prairie dogs--who are fortunately not seen, as they would be the most likely objects of reader sympathy. This sort of tale is well suited for easy reading and Baker's telling is brisk enough, but it hasn't much punch or personality.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1978
Publisher: Greenwillow (Read Alone)