ALABAMA RAIDER by Betty Baxter Anderson


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Midshipman Tim Moore was assigned to the Confederate steam cruiser Alabama serving under gallant Captain Semmes. Once under way, Tim's integrity was brought under a shadow as Clint Stokes and Rodell Carney -- in league with the Yankees, Juggled inventory figures of ship's stores for which Tim was accountable. Though the raider destroyed or drove off one half of Yankee commerce, outwitting the enemy under formidable odds, Tim again came under suspicion as an unexplained fire broke out in the hold 10 minutes after he completed an inspection. The Kearsage delivered the death blow to the Alabama, though Tim and some of his shipmates escaped. The conspiracy which had sabotaged her brought doom to Stokes and the story ends with the suggestion that Tim will clear his name. A story of loyalty to the Confederacy at sea, this has an uncomplicated plot and enough action to interest most teen aged boys. Large type face makes it look younger.

Publisher: Winston