CHIPPER'S CHOICES by Betty Boegehold


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Five klutzy stories, with equally graceless drawings, featuring Chipper, Jay, Toad, Squirrel, and Mole. Made up by Chipper for the animals to read in the long winter nights, the stories start with silly arguments and end with pat pronouncements. In the first, Squirrel and Jay are fighting over who is boss. Chipper and Mole join in, but lose interest when they learn that boss does not mean beautiful. Toad, called in as judge, says wisely, ""Each of you is boss of his or her very own self. But no one is boss of anyone else."" Yet Squirrel and Jay continue their dispute. Another argument concerns the shivery, scary ""oooOOOooo!"" the animals hear in the night, and then (when they learn it was Owl, not a ghost or monster) whether they were ""silly"" to fear it. In the last story they fight over which one is the best singer; then the sweet soft song of a little orange bird has them all singing ""the Song."" Readers won't hear the music.

Pub Date: Feb. 6th, 1981
Publisher: Putnam