HERE'S PIPPA AGAIN! by Betty Boegehold


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What, again? The pseudo-endearing, easy reading adventures of tiny animal friends have become an industry, and with this second package of six Pippa Mouse tales Boegehold is turning out a standardized product: Pippa wins the ""scary face game"" by covering her face with tin foil (""Yes, Pippa did scare us. She made us all hide""). . . she tries, and fails, to swim like a duck and a fish, then learns to do it her own way (though Cyndy Szekeres makes it look like the human way). . . she turns PSHP (Pippa's Secret Hiding Place) into ESHP (""And that means Everybody's Secret Hiding Place because it is for all of us! And we will have a picnic here this very afternoon!""). . . and, inevitably, she sings ""Happy Birthday Dear Me"" at her party where she's dressed up as Little Bo-Pippa, with her pet cricket got up as a sheep. Leave them alone.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1975
Page count: 55pp
Publisher: Knopf