FANCY FREE by Betty Cavanna


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Fancy Jones, 16 year old daughter of a Harvard archaeology professor, is interested in clothes, men and makeup. When she joins her father and a group of students on an expedition to Peru, she expects an amusing adventure. Instead she finds a group of eccentrics, uncivilized living and boys that are more interested in Peruvian artifacts than in her. In an atmosphere filled with hours of intellectual activity, charged with the magic of ancient relics and gay with the laughter of ""natural"" people, Fancy awakens to the fact that there is more to people and life than clothes, men and make-up. She is then able to recognize the thin facade of her young man from Dartmouth whose smooth manner, charm and good looks had previously captured her. A touch of archaeology, and a bit of romance, characterize a book that teen-age girls will enjoy.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow