RUFFLES AND DRUMS by Betty Cavanna


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Like Mildred Lawrence (see above), Cavanna starts out with a highly topical combination--feminist sentiments in a Bicentennial setting. And at first it seems she has taken a more realistic tack, for though Sarah Devotion Kent longs to join the fighting men of Concord she is soon reduced to winding cartridge papers and nursing a wounded British officer. As it turns out, Sarah's main preoccupation is the parceling out of her affections between her betrothed sweetheart, Tom Fletcher, and the Englishman, James Butler. Butler is soon paroled to teach in the local school where he employs educational ideas far ahead of his time. But the only interest here--a lagging one--lies in how long it will take Sarah to rationalize the switch from Tom to James. A tired formula. . . almost an instant artifact.

Pub Date: Aug. 20th, 1975
Page count: 595511pp
Publisher: Morrow