A TOUCH OF MAGIC by Betty Cavanna


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In this account of the ill-fated Shippen family, only the heroine, Hannah Trant, and her inner circle are fictional characters. Hannah idolized Peggy and Nancy Shippen, their regal lives, the balls where they entertained the cream of the British and American gentry during the revolutionary War. Yet in the tragedy of Peggy's marriage to Benedict Arnold and Nancy's unhappy union with a man she did not love, their magical glow vanishes. It is the little seamstress' life, deceptively plain in the beginning which ultimately is touched by magic. For after having nursed him back to health and cleansed him of doubts, Hannah marries her beloved Mark Allen. The basic theme is not very original, but there are some touching and dramatic sequences which teenage girls will find satisfying.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1961
Publisher: Westminster