STARS IN HER EYES by Betty Cavanna


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Superficially, a novel of a stage-struck teen-age child of a New York television star, the story of ""Maggie"" Page plays romantic touch and go with a very basic conflict facing most adolescents -- whether to be absorbed as an anonymous member of the group or to strike out as a forceful independent individual and thereby forfeit the tepid comfort of acquiescence. In Maggie's case the dilemma is accentuated by her real need to resist basking in the reflected light of her father's success and to achieve individual professional status. Swathed in the gossamer of a rather conventional plot-- an idyllic interlude in Paris, young love, and a meteoric rise to fame -- Maggie's internal struggle, nevertheless, manages to emerge with conviction, and Betty Cavanna, true to form, succeeds in conveying the tenuous but poignant emotions of growing up.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1958
Publisher: Morrow