6 ON EASY STREET by Betty Cavanna


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A satisfying teen age story has as its heroine 16 year old Deborah, a professor's daughter in a family of eight, which leaves Haverford, Penna., to run a boarding house on Nantucket for the summer. Discontented with the decision which she considers infra-dig and which will take her away from Craig Vale, Deborah is sour until she begins to realize that the people and the good times around her are what really count. Others too change their points of view, her society conscious friend, Carol and her family; a French boy comes to stay with them through the Experiment in International Living; and her brother's accident takes him to the hospital and prevents Deborah's visit to Craig... No momentous happenings here, but a happy adjustment to everyday life which is perhaps the most momentous after all. Betty Cavanna's best.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1954
Publisher: Westminster