PAINTBOX SUMMER by Betty Cavanna
Kirkus Star


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This is swell! Teen agers will love it, not only for the story but because it has something to say about girls and to them. Kate was graduating from High School the same June that her sister was to be married, and starts the summer feeling completely in a shadow and stripped of personality by her glamorous, popular sister. Then, from her home town in Pennsylvania she goes to spend the summer at Peter Hunt's Peasant Village in Provincetown. Here, bit by bit, she emerges from her shell, in love with her work, in love with life and with love itself, in the shape of a handsome Portugese fisherman. Before the summer's end she falls in love more appropriately with a fellow art student, this time perhaps for keeps. And the winter starts happily, when she goes to New York to continue her art studies. It's lively, it's vivid, it's real. The reader shares Kate's private thoughts, feels the intensity of her need and desire to make friends more easily, to be assured and self-confident. Peter Hunt himself is a character in the story and acts as he does in real life. And he has contributed a stunning jacket and decorations to the book. Betty Cavanna's best to date.

Publisher: Westminster