PUPPY STAKES by Betty Cavanna


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A very readable story about Janey Lovett, whose father enlists in the army and is sent to camp in California. Her mother soon joins him, but there is no room for Janey. And so she changes her well ordered home in Philadelphia, for her aunt Cleo's rather haphazard home in Hammer Hollow, and her select private school for a country public high school. From being the center of her family, she now must share the limelight with a rather disdainful boy cousin. Paprika, the cocker spaniel, has a litter the day she arrives, and only her uncle's generous gift of one of the puppies saves her from homesickness. Her adjustment to her new life, her friendship with some English refugees, Hugh and Jennifer Baldwin, make up a fast moving story. Janey works harder than she has ever done before, when she decides to train Budge for the exacting standards of the ouny dog show, and shows her mettle when she sprains her ankle and has to let Jennifer ow the dog in her place. In fact, life becomes so interesting at Hammer Hollow, that Janey is saddened when the summons comes for her to go to Washington, where her father has been transferred.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1944
Publisher: Westminster Press