THE CHALLENGED LAND by Betty de Sherbinin


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An oblique, somewhat symbolic profile of the overthrow of democracy, when a small South American country is taken over by a military government which puts an end to any free action. Heading a popular movement, in resistance to the new government, are Artago, an aging Professor, Emilia, his daughter, and Eduardo Castells --her husband -- who becomes the leader. Staging a Day of Silence in protest, this brings personal tragedy as Artaga is arrested, one of their youths killed, and Emilia loses the baby she had wanted for many years. It also brings no defined success for the insurgents --but Eduardo carries on -- finding in the ultimate ideal sufficient substantiation for this loss. Anonymous in setting, allegorical in mood, this is less popularly inclined than her first novels (Bindweed, By Bread Alone, etc.), perhaps too shadowed for a wide market.

Pub Date: Jan. 7th, 1945
Publisher: Morrow