PICK OF THE LITTER by Betty- Ed. Cavanna


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The High School crowd's favorite author picks her own favorite dog stories for an anthology that somehow doesn't quite come off. Though the roster of authors is impressive (Margaret Lee Runbeck, Don Marquis, James Street, Alexander Woollcott, Gladys Tabor and others) -- the selections seem to be scraps and snippets rather than rounded stories. There are a few noteworthy exceptions. Roderick Lull's story of the strengthening of a father- non relationship in which a hunting dog plays his part; an amusing dog portrait by Philip Curtias; an appealing boy and dog yarn by James Street; the famous Verdun Helle by Woollcott. Unfortunately, the bulk of the material is mediocre in construction or frequently sentimental in the tearjerker category; while one selection, an unpleasant Negro story by Vereen Bell, seems entirely unsuitable in a juvenile anthology. There have been better- though not bigger- dog story anthologies, and we hesitate to subscribe to the assurance of the title.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1952
Publisher: Westminster