FALSE IDOLS by Betty Ferm


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More of that old-new derangement -- this time in a Jewish (New York) household where a mezuzah rather than a crucifix seems to work better -- after the hiring of a South American maid, after the death of Fran's good friend (heart attack? Fran knows otherwise), after the friend's husband decamps and twelve-year-old son vandalizes their house, after Dave's old mother Bubba is charred to death, and finally after their mutual friend -- a psychiatrist whom Fran consults -- is no more immune to the diabolism which goes by the strange word Taguapica. . . Were it not for that other book, one would more readily affiliate this with Ramona Stewart's novels of possession (Stewart is better). It won't frighten you out of your wits but then you won't have too many about you if you go on reading this kind of book in seriatim.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam