ISLAND BOY by Betty Holdridge
Kirkus Star


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A fine looking book with its original lithographs by Paul Lantz fitly presenting an excellent story of a poor black family on a small island in the Bahamas not far from Nasseu. Though lacking in cash these lovable, happy people have plenty of okra, yams, peas and corn in their garden and turn to the sea for the rest of their food. There are many wonderful descriptions of fishes, particularly those seen through Jacket's ""lookin' bucket"", and a fine night is spent when they all go fishing for jacks which swim by once a year at exactly the same time. One colorful event is the trip to the small village of six streets to barter and to see friends; another is the description of a ""club"" when all the neighbors come to help build a sloop; still another is the story of Jacket's first trip sponging. The humorous touches are added by Ding, the monkey, and Domino, the Donkey. This book has a lot of the feeling of my favorite Children of the Sea.

Publisher: Holiday House