ONE AGAINST THE SEA by Betty Morgan Bowen
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Two fine stories, Jan's Victory- about post-war readjustment in Germany, and Milo's New World- about a D. P. settlement in New York, background this author's sensitive portrayal of an American boy's new life in England. Bill Walton's problems start at the height of happiness in his Long Island home, for when he has a boat of his own and a glorious last year of high school ahead of him, his mother dies, leaving him, and his baby sister Merrie, to go to their grandmother in a small town on the North Sea Coast. At Flamborough, Bill struggles with the very things his nationality and situation make- being friends, after a bad start, with the local boys, seeing to Merrie's emotional well being, earning money to repair a wrecked sailboat while knowing that the sea wall around Gram's house is sadly in need of repair. Storms and a dramatic rescue bring on the climax that solidifies the community and leaves the reader with a sense of growth and well being.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1954
Publisher: Longmans, Green