DEATH SCENE by Betty Suyker


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Why is aging actress Isobel St. George taking a group of actors to a remote Maine island to rehearse a play none of them has seen? What did St. George do for three weeks when she disappeared, wearing her hotel housekeeper's clothes? And why is she murdered on the eve of departure for Maine and in the very theater where the play is to open? Molly McConnell, entertainment reporter for The NewsMagazine, is intrigued by those questions and, with help from homicide reporter Mike Brennan (her new lover), she works doggedly to find the answers. Along the way the reader gets lots of stuff (mostly dull) about how a Time-type mag is put together and lots of stuff (mostly interesting) about Shakespeare and his plays. And though Suyker writes nicely, with a fairly likable heroine and obvious research, the big buildup founders on an improbable culprit with a totally unconvincing motive. Far from a winner, then, but a somewhat promising debut.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1981
Publisher: St. Martin's