EXCESS BAGGAGE: Adventures of an Army Wife by Betty Utley St. John

EXCESS BAGGAGE: Adventures of an Army Wife

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The letters, illustrated, of a newlywed campfollower, blithe, bright enough, and made up of small talk concerning the life of an army wife. Honeymooning on a situp train to Galveston, their first apartment, for a few brief weeks, then the California desert and none of the comforts of a home, as they camp out in a tourist court bungalow or a garage. Housekeeping under domestic duress, the social rounds with other young officers and wives, week-ends in Los Angeles, the variability and unpredictability of Army life met with good cheer and gratitude at being able to share it with her husband. Never really funny, but generally light-hearted.

Publisher: Hastings House