DOLLARS AND SENSE: Protecting Your Money and Making It Grow by Betty Wuliger

DOLLARS AND SENSE: Protecting Your Money and Making It Grow

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There are lots of places to put money besides under the mattress--checking and savings accounts, bonds, stocks, options, commodities, and coins, to name only a few. Wuliger describes these different financial instruments in simple terms. Safety is stressed, and much of the book discusses how to choose safe banks, brokerage firms, and government bonds. The appropriateness of investments is also emphasized through the use of a formula based on the words MY CASH. Unfortunately Wuliger deals extensively with the safest investments and sketchily with the riskiest and most complicated. The book is confusing, moreover, on several counts: secret Swiss bank accounts are illegal but that is not stated; yields, current, after-tax, and to-maturity are never fully explained; and it is not as easy to discern the course of interest rates, inflation, foreign currencies, and economies as the author implies. Finally, two illustrative characters, Shirley Wright and Shirley Wrong, turn up throughout the book like bad pennies. A well-intentioned work--with worthwhile tables and charts--marred by cuteness and a lack of direction.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1976
Publisher: Random House