MISTER DOC by Bettye K. Butler


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This is the true story of a tot referred to throughout as Mister Doc's little girl (no relation to Mary Medearis' Big Doc's Girl, a long time best seller). She's the daughter of a kindly physician known by one and all as Mister Doc. Get ft? It's set in a little mining town at the turn of the century to whose East European potpourri population Mr. Doc ministers medicine and Kibbe-esque homilies (""I don't suppose Daddy had ever heard the word 'psychology' but he did know human nature"") while his little girl (Mr. Doc's little girl) sneaks across the tracks to eat, drink and be generally revolting at Hunky parties. Doc is slavishly devoted to the Slavs on the other side of town, but they spit at him, shoot at him, and are not very gracious all told. When they find out he's about to pick up and leave, they're sorry they spat, and shot, and stuff, and troop over en masse, toting burning torches to shout: ""Don't go, Mister Doc. We love you."" He doesn't because.... well, because he's Mister Doc.

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1961
ISBN: 1163811572
Publisher: Dodd, Mead