LAUGHTER ON THE STAIRS by Beverley Nichols


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A sequel to Merry Hall, which we left last year (see report P.780- December 1952) virtually unfurnished, while the garden grew under our eyes. Here- with sly humor and many a quiet chuckle, Nichols gives us the slow process of bringing the house to life, and the more lively process of widening acquaintance with an odd set of neighbors. (Not to mention recurrent -- and equally odd- house guests). We met again the tireless and intrepid Oldfields, the old gardener for whom nothing was too much. And the disapproving but indispensable butler-valet-general factotum- counsellor and friend- Gaskin. There's another addition to the cat members of the household. And Mr. Stebbings, late unlamented, loses his last battle. This will hearten the Nichols' following, who had a bit too much whimsy in the final chapters of Merry Hall.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1954
ISBN: 0881924601
Publisher: Dutton