THE FOOL HATH SAID by Beverley Nichols
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Cry Havoc introduced Beverley Nichols as an advocate of Peace. The Fool Hath Said introduces him as an advocate of Christianity in a modern world. And he has succeeded in presenting his faith with so convincing a building np of his arguments, taking the hurdles one at a time, that even the most luke-warm Christian will emerge with a newly defined attitude toward his own religious concepts. The need for faith -- the possibility of faith -- the application of faith to modern problems -- all this he has achieved, and he has done it reverently, sincerely and dramatically. I think it is a book that will be discussed widely -- and that should sell in substantial quantities. Call to attention of the clergy in your community -- sell in regular department and religious book department as well. Oxford Groupers will want it -- but their opponents will not find it too strong an advocate. It is a book someone on your staff should read -- and for which your customer list should be carefully checked.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1936
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran