MEN DO NOT WEEP by Beverley Nichols


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He has gone a long way from Cry Havoc, this popular author who electrified his audience by coming out with pacifism done up in his special brand of trimmings. The foreword to this new volume tells of ""the death of a pacifist"", of his dawning realization that the world in which he was living today held no place for the unreality of his former philosophy. And then -- to illustrate that world and to demonstrate his own changing focus, he retells from his own experience and knowledge, eight stories. There's a story of a tragic ending to the Berlin Olympics; of futile attempts to get some fellow perlfiats out of Belgium; of a thwarted effort of a girl to get from Vienna the pearls that would have made her marriage possible; of an act of chivalry that saved the life of a young refugee at sea, of a gruesome miracle at Lourdes, of astrology at work for Hitler, of the redemption of a coward. Good reading, but not particularly important, except as a stepping stone in Beverley Nichols' career.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1942
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace