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CHANGING LANES by Beverly Battaglia


Couples Redefining Retirement

by Beverly Battaglia

Pub Date: Aug. 12th, 2008
ISBN: 978-1419695131
Publisher: BookSurge

Retired social psychologist and first-time author Battaglia enters the self-help pantheon with a guide to retirement.

This weighty manual, featuring more than 100 interviews in 12 chapters, employs a sustained automotive metaphor: A qualified “driver” helps readers transition into a fulfilling retirement. Interviews provide illustrative material for each theme the book introduces, significantly enhancing the text with their forthrightness. However, two assumptions somewhat restrict the book’s target audience. The title is intended for couples, married or otherwise, who will read and discuss the book together. It also expects that readers will move into a retirement community. As a result, the author fails to address unmarried or widowed retirees or couples that remain in their pre-retirement homes. Chapters 6 and 7, which deal with relationship issues, become optional for single readers.  Chapter 5, entitled “Bumps in the Road,” is easily the most useful aspect of the book and would be beneficial to any reader. It includes hands-on information about caregiving, such as useful resources and advice for how to deal with numerous unexpected eventualities. The author urges readers to become proficient in CPR, for example. The author approaches all topics with a plethora of information, advice and suggestions, and sometimes this material becomes too simplistic. If target readers have the income to sustain a comfortable retirement, then they have likely acquired a breadth of experience and education that does not require such basic instruction as when to call 911 and what to tell the medical team when it arrives. In this respect, the manual can become cumbersome. Still, many readers may find this guide invaluable in various other aspects.

May prove enlightening to would-be retirees.