FOWL PLAY, DESDEMONA by Beverly Keller


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The heroine of No Beasts! No Children! and Desdemona, Twelve Going on Desperate returns in another riotous romp, featuring a momentous Thanksgiving. Desdemona's initial lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming holiday (which reminds her of her mother's decampment) is just beginning to be mitigated by the agreement of Mrs. Farisee (the formidable family housekeeper) to cook for them--but then a new set of problems occurs. Drafted into making posters for her school's production of The King and I, Desdemona discovers that close pal Sherman's sudden willingness to help masks his plan to use the posters to champion turkey liberation. His descriptions of cruelties inflicted on animals to be used for food raises Desdemona's consciousness and that of classmate Laurelle, diminishing Desdemona's appetitie for the coming festive meal and involving the three of them in a plot to put pamphlets in the play programs. Added complications involving ducks, dogs, politics, and the threat of eviction provide plenty of plot to lead to a funny, memorable climax. Though not everything is resolved here--there are traces of preceding books and perhaps hints of a sequel--Desdemona is a lovable (if fraught) character, with integrity and a humorous sense of realism.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1989
ISBN: 688-06920-7
Page count: 183pp
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