NEWS OF ENGLAND: or A Country Without A Hero by Beverly Nichols
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NEWS OF ENGLAND: or A Country Without A Hero

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Cry Havoc revealed a new angle of Beverly Nichols, pacifist, and presented a cogent case. Now comes News of England, a stirring plea for England to wake up to her own disintegration, a recognition of the changed face of the world, and an acceptance of the responsibility of all, pacifists included, to do something about the state of the world before it is too late. It is as gloomy a picture of England as has been shown. He outlines the changes ten years have made in social, economic and political life. He acknowledges the failure of the League. He bewails the apathy in defence measures, in aviation, in preparedness. He confronts his readers with an indictment of the reflection of a nation in its architecture, in its morale, in its view of historical monuments and places of beauty. He reviles the growth of drunkenness, of gambling; the decline of religion and its causes; the perverted humor; the brand of Communism; the weakness of educational centers to take the lead; the vulgarity of the rich. He presents -- as relief -- a few bright spots, -- a dressmaker, a dancer, the English ballet, the British police force. He analyzes unemployment, and the experiments at Lincoln and elsewhere. And he reluctantly accepts the fact, as he sees it, of some form of fascism as the answer and Sir Oswald Mosley as the only man of stature for leadership. It is a challenging book, a terrifying book. He is contradictory -- fanatical -- lop-sided in judgment; but he makes his points and his case is well taken. How seriously he is accepted as critic or analyst I don't know. But his book is sympathetic, and cannot be ignored.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1938
ISBN: 1406740942
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran