JUFFIE KANE by Beverly S. Martin


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Martin's first novel under her real name: a winning, steamily sexy glitter-romance about a Broadway actress in trouble with the Mob. Jennifer "Juffie" Kane is born in Boston, in 1927, to Jewish-Italian parents. She has a kind of an interesting heritage--both doting grandfathers are ruthless racketeers; grows up into a beautiful teen-ager--and then is raped and impregnated by one of her grandfather's enemies. After an illegal--and nearly fatal--abortion, Juffie flees Boston for Broadway, where she gets her first big break just after the war. By the time she's 25, she's been in four Broadway shows--but the Mob never gets its tentacles off her: she's "owned" by a slick gangster named Finky Aronson, who forces her to play Las Vegas and even act as a dope courier on frequent trips to Mexico. Her love life--while graphically orgasmic--isn't much better. Longtime boyfriend, Frenchman Paul Dumont, turns out to have been a Gestapo agent during the war, and is now working for Aronson. And the love of her life, agent Matt Varley, has an invalid wife he's devoted to. When 1956 rolls around, Juffie's in an enormous hit show, but more depressed than ever, and on a trip to Switzerland is killed in an avalanche. Did she deliberately end it all? Or--is she even dead? A grabber--and great, good fun.

ISBN: 553-05345-0
Publisher: Bantam
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