FANTASIES by Beverly Sassoon


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From the ex-wife of hairdresser Vidal (and author of Beverly Sassoon's Beauty for Always, 1982): a steamy potboiler about an American model in search of the perfect zipless you-know-what. Gorgeous Sloane Taylor has come a long way for a 19-year-old. One of the world's top models, she's also married to the powerful, middle-aged cosmetics king Warner Bromley--and is about to be handed a starring part in a television movie of Anna Karenina. Things would in fact be perfect except for Sloane's deep, dark secret--her penchant for something she calls the ""Bad Girl Game,"" which consists of brief, violent sexual encounters with total strangers in N.Y.C.'s parks and subways. On one occasion, she is kidnapped and brutally raped and beaten; another encounter is photographed by a free-lance journalist (the pictures are finally suppressed by a powerful magazine editor who is a friend of Sloane's). But the ultimate Game occurs when she goes to Mexico and becomes absolutely besotted with bullfighter Miguel Vellis, who beats her, steals from her, and finally almost kills her. This is enough for Sloane: although her marriage to Warner is kaput (Sloane and Miguel wind up on the front page of The National Enquirer), she ends up seeing a shrink and getting her life back together. Shallow and improbable, but fast-moving and fairly torrid.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1989
Publisher: Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster