BEVERLY SASSOON'S BEAUTY FOR ALWAYS by Beverly with Barbara Wilkins Sassoon


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Simple, routine advice considerably enlivened by a running account of Sassoon's adolescence, courtship, marriage, and divorce. Sassoon was in her late teens, a protected movie ""starlet,"" when she met and married hairdresses Vidal; 13 years and three children later, she filed for divorce; the health and grooming routine presented here grew out of her experiences in his business. But, surprisingly, the regimen is designed for speed--five minutes daily for make-up, six minutes for exercise--and the aim is to make you feel good, ""not to make you look as if you're trying out for the road company of Cleopatra."" The best part, though, is the fill-in--with each chapter of Sassoon's life. Thus: growing up in Burbank (first date at 14--""I was destroying my hair with backcombing"") is followed by ""Thoughts About Adolescence""; ""Mrs. Vidal Sassoon of New York"" (apartment on 60th and Park, summer in Southhampton) leads up to ""Your Special Needs As a New Mother"" (take time to be alone, eat right, get back in shape). And so on to ""Beverly Sassoon in Beverly Hills--Part II"": on being a single parent, what plastic surgery is all about, and ""The Bottom Line for Beauty"" (stretch, breathe, eat right, exercise a little, use make-up when needed). A lightweight, feel-good boost with a bonus for (even minor) celebrity-watchers.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1982
Publisher: Avon