NIGHT SCREAMS by Bill & Barry N. Malzberg Pronzini


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Homicidal maniac + ESP = the usual hysterical stew. Someone is killing off the members of PSYCHICs, a clutch of paranormal sensitives who have gathered for a weekend in Whitehall, Vermont. Since these victims are the least believable or engaging folks to bleed down the pike in many moons, you probably won't much care about the capture of their killer. Two FBI agents care, however, because the first victim's cousin is an AEC official who disappeared. Is the killer ""a psychotic who has a really insane hatred for clairvoyants?"" Or is it one of the psychics' own group? Or one of the surly locals, who engage in fierce altercations with the unwanted visitors (""Crazy psychic fuck!""). Most of the attention, however, focuses on the comeliest of the psychics, who gets it on with one of the FBI men (""There wu a wet tingling heat in her genitals"") and has visions whenever someone's getting offed: ""Blue black red white screaming terror smell of feces. . . ."" That's the smell all right.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1979
Publisher: Playboy--dist. by Simon & Schuster