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How to concentrate better, work harder, and explore your potential; from a familiar, reliable source. Benson (The Relaxation Response) is in the mainstream of self-help these days; he builds here on his previous guides, showing that through a series of exercises we can rid ourselves of poor habits, open our brains to new ideas and possibilities, find more efficient, less stressful ways of working, and improve our health. Benson feels there is a physical basis to what he calls ""maximization of the mind"": ""when we change our patterns of thinking and acting, the brain cells begin to establish additional connections, or new 'wirings.' These connections then communicate in fresh ways with other cells, and before long, the pathways or wirings that kept the phobia or other habit alive are replaced or altered."" However, Benson later points out that the spiritual side of our experience is equally important for maximization, and cannot be explained only in terms of biological processes. There is plenty more throughout on Benson's rationale and backing of his program, with the usual considerable emphasis on spiritual matters. The actual improvement program itself relies heavily on meditation technique plus some behavioral-modification exercises. Familiar stuff, then; but, nonetheless, reasonable possibilities for positive change.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1987
Publisher: Times Books