THE GOOD TRAIL by Bill Geagan


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A Maine author who cut his teeth ""on gun barrel and fishing rod"" reports from his wild wood classrooms and continues the experiences begun in Nature I Loved. The great outdoors as a haven from artificial and murderous civilized living is his theme and he counts the blessings of woods and waters, fishing and hunting, the sounds and habits of the animals, birds and fish; of his days in the log cabin, of the camping trips and characters he has known; of the seasons that change the face of the ""land of the moose, the landlocked salmon, the trout, white pine and pointed fir"". Counting his wealth beyond kings, he records his observations as he roams and prowls and canoes through his domain; he tells of the way in which his life has worked out --his bread and butter from his hobby by writing for Bangor radio and newspapers out at the cabin while his wife Alice stays in the city and the joys of sharing his camping life with her when she stays with him. A Grayson-like contentment here and a nature-pacan for the true-blue sportsman.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1954
Publisher: Coward-McCann