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From prolific veteran Knox: another nautical outing for Chief Officer Webb Carrick of Scotland's Fishery Protection Service. Now for the first time in full command of a ship, the patrol launch Tern, Carrick is dispatched to Port Sonas on the southwest corner of the isle of Skye. Why? Because a group of VIP foreign politicians will soon be arriving there as their last stop on a tour of Scottish fishing-industry locales. And there've been reports of violent feuding around Port Sonas, plus news of a dead body found on a light buoy at Hag Reef, just north of Sonas Bay. Once in Port Sonas, Carrick tries, with some success, to make peace between the feuders: it's Canadian salmon farmer Walter Douglas, whose expanding operation includes plans for shore-mineral excavations, va small fishermen and other resentful locals, who've resorted to vandalism and piracy. But Carrick feels certain that Douglas is hiding something, that more than a feud is afoot--especially when he dives to explore a sunken yacht, complete with grotesque corpses, near Hag Reef. And when the yacht is linked to a European terrorist brigade, Douglas' secret surfaces--as Carrick finds himself in the middle of a hostage crisis, battling heavily armed guerrillas. Regular jolts of action, salty dollops of sailor/villager personality, and a smidgin of romance for rather drab Carrick: the usual scenic mixture, uninspired but sturdy.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1987
Publisher: Doubleday