THE SAILING LIFE: And How to Enjoy It by Bill Robinson

THE SAILING LIFE: And How to Enjoy It

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With nearly 50 years of sailing under the yardarm, Robinson, arbiter and commentator of Yachtsman magazine, has collected his own favorite articles -- reportage, advice, and logs of storms and calms. Some are tailored for beginners, but it would be wise to concentrate on Robinson's general principles -- specifics are often dated (the piece on boat buying is vintage 1960). But the accounts of races, pleasure cruises and the fun of family boating are all delivered with the authentic verbiage and detail of one who can recognize the cut of a jib -- on a passing vessel or a new crew member. There is a section on chartered boats and suggestions for satisfying trips. With one exception, these articles have appeared in the last two decades.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1974
Publisher: Scribners