TALKING WITH THE ANIMALS: How to Communicate with Wildlife by Bill Thomas

TALKING WITH THE ANIMALS: How to Communicate with Wildlife

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More like how to commune with wildlife. To that end, nature photojournalist Thomas shares some of the tricks of the trade--tips on getting close enough to wild animals to observe and photograph them. Explained in detail are such things as how to walk silently and track animal prints in the woods, what clothes to wear (for camouflage), what photographic equipment to use, even how to build your own photo blind. Adding dimension--of various sorts--are Thomas's personal encounters with animals (foxes, bears, snakes), references to the work of such noted field researchers as chimpanzee-observer Jane Goodall, and numerous theories and philosophical snippets on man's role in nature. An earnest animal-rights advocate, Thomas may not succeed in reforming hunters (whichseems to be part of his intention here, as he himself is an avowed ex-hunter); but he does provide the amateur naturalist/photographer with a large number of constructive suggestions.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1985
Publisher: Morrow