IMPROVING YOUR RUNNING by Bill with Raymond Krise Squires


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By the well-known coach of Rodgers and Salazar: a range of sound training programs, plus savvy tips on the extras. For those just starting, medical clearance and the proper equipment are the first step; then, begin the four-week program set out day-by-day here (stretching, warm-up, and cool-down are part of each workout). There follow programs for those who wish to improve to competition level, adjusted according to distance--this is not just for marathoners. Children's programs are provided for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who want to run; if parents push, Squires warns, kids will hate both them and the sport. Among the good incidental ideas: ""fun runs"" of a set distance without time limit (""so the new runner doesn't face competition--just companionship""). On problems: orthopedic and heat-related injuries are most common, and some can be avoided by being familiar with, and accommodating, body cycles--slack off every now and then, when you feel the need; then renew the push. For those with too many excuses, Squires has all the answers: if ""Pollution Is Out There Today and They're Talking About Its Effects,"" remember that ""Pollution is out there everyday. Your stronger lungs gained from running will help you ward off viral infections."" Knowledgeable advice with a sense of humor from one of The Names in running.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1982
Publisher: Stephen Greene