TENNIS LOVE: A Parent's Guide to the Sport by Billie Jean & Greg Hoffman King

TENNIS LOVE: A Parent's Guide to the Sport

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Nothing here but some tired cartoons and a big-name tennis star out to make another buck. ""Not many girls growing up in the Fifties planned to devote their lives to sports, so I guess I was a little bit different,"" says Billie Jean. Guess so. And one reason is that there may be two or three people in the entire country more out of touch with children than she. A sample dialogue: ""Child: 'Can I ask you something?' Parent: 'Of course, what's on your mind?' Child: 'Not much. I just want to know where I came from, what caused the Crimean War, and why points in a tennis game are not simply called one, two, three and four?'"" The answer constitutes the only interesting bit of trivia in the book. A tennis game is, apparently, scored aa a symbolic representation of an hour, with fifteen (the first point) related to the quarter hour, thirty to the half, and so on. One might call this breezy, but the breeze would be more akin to the wind generated when the racquet misses the bail than to anything else. A total whiff.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1978
Publisher: Macmillan