BILLIE JEAN by Billie Jean & Kim Chapin King


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The first lady of America's latest outdoor passion talks about the trials and tribulations of being numero uno. From the public courts of Long Beach to the Center Court at Wimbledon was not so easy back in ""shamateur"" days ($28/day plus under the table), and Billie Jean faithfully details how ladies tennis has ""come a long way, baby,"" courtesy Virginia Slims and, of course, BJK, to give credit where due, and being no slouch in the modesty department, she does. Unfortunately for the reader, however, this part of the story has already been chronicled ad nauseam (as has the grind of publicity, fans, fighting ""El Choko"" and boredom); otherwise the most intimate revelation is that BJK is given to humming Joplin (Janis) or King (Carol) on court (not Margaret). Whether the blame for writing about herself as if she were a slightly retarded public monument lies with her or Mister Ghost (sportswriter and pal Kim Chapin) is perhaps irrelevant; certainly this book will disappoint those used to the New Confessionalism in current feminist and sports writing, not to mention the old-fashioned movie mag types who want to know who their hero(ine) is ***ing, and where.

Pub Date: June 26th, 1974
Publisher: Harper & Row