BUILDING OR BUYING A HOUSE by B.K. & Others Johnstone


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This is a sober and cautious handbook intended to guide and guard the prospective home owner, whether he is planning to build or buy. The opening chapters stress the importance of financial standing, of not getting into something beyond one's depth. There is a clear cut presentation of various ways of financing the venture, different types of mortgages, their advantages and disadvantages, shown in text and charts, and the federal aid available. Then the book goes on to selection of site, again with many words of warning as to pitfalls, the planning of what sort of use the house will be put to, of how to analyze types of plans, of how to judge construction if buying a finished house, of cost analysis and the factors that control costs, always stressing the fact that ""the first cost is not the last cost"". Liberal illustration throughout, with animated diagrams, which tell their own tale. Brief sections for the last part of the book deal with the architect, the contractor, working drawings and specifications, contract of sale, construction contract, construction hazards, liabilities and insurance....A down-to-earth book which should serve as a practical break on the temptation to plunge into house ownership after the war.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1945
Publisher: Whittlesey