RIDE 'EM PEGGY by  Blaik
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The pre-adolescent, female brand of ""horse-itis"" and its cure is given sympathetic and amusing treatment in this delightful family story. Eleven-year-old Peggy, attending school, dances and family meals in the flesh is yet at one in the spirit with horses -- the trails, stables and ranch. Neither pleas, nor a wonderful ranch summer in Colorado, can shake Peggy from her day dreams of the winter riding school which she had attended religiously, and the horse she was certain her father (in average circumstances) would be delighted to buy for her. Finally a little psychology does the trick, and Peggy happily returns, unscathed, to buttons and bows. Understanding parents and a nine-year-old brother (portrayed as a potential adult rather than as the usual ""brat"" caricature) aid in the transformation. No overtones of maladjustment here -- rather a charming yarn about the ""craze"" phenomena which should ring the bell with this age group. Good fun.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin