PISTACHIO by Blair Lent


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Pistachio is a lovable cow with his big mournful eyes, pink cheeks, and magnificent green coloring. She is owned by Waldo, whom she adores and who has taught her to ride a bicycle and stand on her head. Since Waldo's driving ambition is to join a circus, he shows Pistachio off to the Puffin Brothers Wonderful World-wide Circus but is turned down flat (who wants to see a cow, a green one at that?). Pistachio tries masquerading as a ferocious lion and an elegant elephant, and finally makes the grade by dancing on a tight-rope wire, a pink and black polka-dotted umbrella clutched in her hoof. The amusing text is excellent accompaniment to the delightful wood-block prints done in bold shades of green, pink and black. Pistachio is an irresistible heroine, bound to become a favorite among her readers.

Publisher: Little, Brown-A.M.P.