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BOOM OR BUST by Blair Moody



Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce

A radio columnist and analyst writes of America's present and future economic must, expansion, as the only solution of recurrent depressions, the only preventative against a post-war stalemate. He shows that unemployment, the failure to utilize our resources, to distribute our products, were the only forms of squandering committed; he shows that there has never been any overproduction in this country, merely underconsumption for the large majority of the people. He shows that big business and the controllers caused dry not at the top; he shows how money has been log-jammed in their hands. Inflation can be controlled, he claims, through price ceilings, through planning; the sorespots of labor, of capital, of taxation, can be eliminated through a unified program. The government's increasing debt is the life-blood of the country, stimulating a sevenfold profit. Whether in peace or war, for defense and after, larger production -- larger distribution -- the answer for the good of the many. A good many of the Wall Street reactionary constrictionary arguments. A good book for men, persuasive, and given authenticity through basis on findings of Brookings and others.