DREAM OF THE DINOSAURS by Blake Christopher Hodgetts


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I"" was with Mom and Dad at a movie about dinosaurs when the dinosaurs started coming out of the screen and everyone ran out of the theater. Suddenly a stairway opened up in the ground. I jumped (many miles) to the bottom but tyrannosaurus rex had run down the stairs and got there before me. Tyrannosaurus, it turned out, only wanted to kiss me, not kill me, but in the process of fighting some other dinosaurs Dad got torn up and shrank down to one foot eight inches tall. (Dad returns to normal later as the family walks to the parking lot and goes home.) Such, we're told, is the dream experienced by the eleven-year-old author when he was seven, and the black-and-white drawings on an overwhelming 9 x 12(apple)"" pages are by his mother. It's quite a dream, but even a comic book editor would feel compelled to make something of it.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1978
Publisher: Doubleday