HAWAII: The 49th State by Blake Clark

HAWAII: The 49th State

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A timely, comprehensive history of Hawaii which covers the early period of native autonomy but deals in large part with contemporary American rule and World War II. An enthusiastic islander, a member of the University of Hawaii faculty, Mr. Clark interpolates from an earlier book, Paradise Limited a brief historical resume, but in this book he concentrates on the war years and tells the story behind the military government imposed on Hawaii. He exposes here the arbitrary dictatorship of the military, their abuse of loyal Japanese, their exploitation of labor and racial groups, the criminal negligence of the pre-Pearl Harbor military. He deplores the wartime treatment of the Hawaiians as virtual enemies, and- in assessing the loyalty of the people,- their social, economic, cultural progress,- the author tells why he thinks Hawaii is ready for statehood. A fast-reading, revealing handbook.

Pub Date: June 19th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday