HUNDRED HORSE FARM by Blanche C. Perrin


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A quite all right if not overly different story about Suzy, thirteen, an only child privileged to grow up with not one but a hundred horses including the recently Derby-winning Whickery when suddenly her equally suddenly orphaned cousins Ann and Roddy come to live with them. Suzy is of course bossy and proprietary to begin with, particularly mean to the younger Roddy, while Ann, a ""tightly curled bud"" uncurls as she learns to ride exceptionally well and is on her way to the Garden by the close. Lessons in horsemanship and character development are not too didactic and there's a certain amount of sentiment to nuzzle all those readers who would like to be where the grass is bluer.

Pub Date: Nov. 13th, 1973
Publisher: St. Martin's Press