ARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR by Blanche E. C. Dugdale
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The first volume traces the life of Balfour from 1848 to 1906. The second volume, which continues virtually without break, carries him through to his death in 1930. An extremely important publication, and one good for the long haul, as well as immediate sale to the more substantial, conservative customers interested in filling in their background of current English political history. The author is a niece of Balfour, and gives sufficient intimate glimpses of the great man to leave one with a picture of a flesh and blood human being, gifted beyond his fellows, and endowed with a warmth of feeling which casual acquaintances never recognized, and flashes of humor and keen insight which are refreshingly unexpected. She has had access to hitherto unpublished material in the form of personal letters and official documents, which give the background and raison d'etre of many of the things which brought storms of criticism upon his head. Every phase of British political life during much of his career was closely connected with Balfour, and his perspicacity and courage in facing them made him a vital figure throughout. Through his own words one gets intimate pictures of the outstanding figures of the day. Primarily a political biography, because politics was his life. Skillfully handled to make stimulating reading for the intelligent and thoughtful public. Sure to get feature space in review mediums and to command respectful attention.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1937
Publisher: Putnam