CUTHBERT by Blanche J. Dearborn


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Nicely browned Jeevenian guff with a tender twist about a dog and a cat who keep house in the country for messy old Mr. Tammas. When Mr. Tammas gets to the point where he taken to his bed from hunger due to laziness, an ad in the paper blesses him with Arthur Teacher like Cuthbert, who had ""....buttled for kings"", and Mrs. Mehitabel Tiger. Together they make a convincingly invincible team in such schemes as getting Tammas to milk the cow, selling the milk for proceeds to improve the grounds, and so forth. Fun, success and new lust for life are had by all in this housekeeping venture. Hilarious drawings by Richard van Benthem of the proud scarred, coated and derbyed Cuthbert, and the bustling Mehitable.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1952
Publisher: Wilcox and Follett